Your health and home matter to us.

Our motto defines us because:

  • We follow the science behind cleaning and use safer (and more effective) chemicals and equipment. 

  • We pride ourselves on "surface knowledge" and only use the recommended products in your home.

  • We genuinely care about our clients mental health and physical health. We understand the significance and impact a clean environment can provide to a clients mental state. 

Paragon Cleaning, LLC is a company that strives to make a significant impact in the lives of our clients and staff. Paragon is known as the company that is more than just a cleaning company. We are actively involved in the community and believe in paying it forward.

  • We are a proud partner with Cleaning For A Reason, a non profit that provides free cleaning to cancer patients. Click Here to learn more about C4R.

  • We contribute to local organizations that we believe will make a positive impact in our community. 

  • We have a month long campaign in May in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. This includes self care packages for clients and matching donations raised for a nonprofit that specializes in bringing awareness, resources, and support to those at risk. Click Here to learn more about MHA.

At Paragon Cleaning we embrace a culture with our staff that evokes unity and community. With our diligent hiring processes, thorough screening and training, we are able to ensure we only bring the best candidates to service our clients. Not only do we have the best teammates, but we encourage and build together. We believe a successful company starts from within. Our cleaning technicians are trained for success, paid livable wages, offered bonuses, encouraged to read from our company library where we have books for character development and offered credit building education. Having a positive staff that is fully supported inside and outside of work has proven to be our reason for success.