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At Paragon Cleaning, our cleaning technicians are ready to provide our clients with high quality residential cleaning services in Yorktown, Seaford, Poquoson, Gloucester, Hayes, Williamsburg, James City County, Newport News, and Hampton. Our consistent 5 star rating is based off of our team's passion to deliver detail oriented cleaning services, excellent customer service, and ambition to be the best in Hampton Roads, Virginia. With our thorough training and performance-based pay scale, our staff is ready to confidently clean your home with expertise and they are incentivized to deliver 5 star service. Not only do we teach our staff the proper ways to clean your home, we also teach how to properly CARE for your home.


Paragon Cleaning LLC is committed to consistently deliver high quality service with attention to detail. We believe a positive experience starts from within, and this is why we honor our staff and we embrace a culture that builds unity and community. Our staff is thoroughly trained to properly care for your home and they are passionate about presenting our clients with the priceless gifts of time and peace of mind.


At Paragon we understand the importance of a thorough cleaning, on the first try, to ensure your deposit is returned. We follow an in depth check list to have your home ready for the next tenants.


We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way. Paragon partners with several realtors and offers exclusive discounts for their clients. We want to make your home sparkle and impress. Our goal is to make your home memorable to your potential buyers.


Paragon partners with several builders in the area. We are fully prepared to tackle small construction or total rebuilds. We know what is required to make each home sparkle after the dust settles. 


We understand the importance of a clean and safe office for you and your staff. A clean office leads to fewer distractions and increased productivity. Paragon's team offers professional and reliable cleaning for your office space.